Transfer of original account to Legands - Funcom Support #1107834

Funcom Support #1107834

I’m returning player from way back at original launch - I read its possible to transfer old character slots etc. How do I make this happen? I’ve emailed but was directed to forums to raise a ticket?

Anyone else successfully done this?


You cannot transfer your character slots, extra bought inventory etc. Only thing you can transfer anymore is cosmetics. You need to log in here: and there is a option to make vanity transfer. DO note that it is for 1 account only and it will only unlock cosmetics, like sprints (not sprint speeds), some pets and clothing items.

Hey, so I’m jumping on this for some kind of direction because I sent a ticket in 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten any kind of response. I am in the same boat as OP and tried to do the vanity transfer you linked above, but the options presented in the linked page don’t exist on my account page. I am not sure what I’m missing and would like some help here. Thanks.

Did you log in there with your TSW credentials? Everyone who had TSW account has automatically SWL account with the same login information than they had.

Yeah, you can just log into the game with the same credentials but the legacy transfer (or whatever it was called) was a limited time thing and is long gone by this point, I believe.

My account was recognized and linked to my steam when I logged in. Steam is still telling me I had 40+ hours in the game (I definitely haven’t played since before Legends dropped). I know I was in during beta and definitely after because I remember I had the steam launch hoodie.

So I’m not 100% sure how to proceed.

I understand that. I’m not looking for anything but the vanity transfer. But the option to do that doesn’t exist on my account page.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying - there was a limited period where you could do a “legacy” transfer which unlocked extra character slots, transfered (most of) your cosmetics and some other stuff. If you did that then you could do a second transfer later on in case you’d forgotten to redeem anything before the first transfer, which is probably what @Tipsu is seeing.

If you missed the initial transfer window entirely, then it’s too late unfortunately. Sorry. :frowning:

I see. I never saw anywhere that the cosmetic transfer was dependent on the first transfer. That… wow that sucks. Okay. Thanks.

At least I have my dog tags still?

The cosmetic transfer was part of the initial transfer. They just opened up a second one because some people forgot to properly redeem clothing in TSW before they transferred, as I recall.

Alright. I’m sad but I’ll carry on. Thanks.

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Actually, anyone eligible for the original transfer should be able to do the second vanity-only transfer regardless of if they actually did the first transfer or not.

It’s possible that there’s been a problem linking your TSW and SWL accounts through Steam. Anyone who owned TSW before June 22nd 2017 was able to do the vanity transfer, not just people who did the first transfer.

Unfortunately, if that is what’s happened, then only Funcom Customer Service can help. You can submit a ticket via - it’s account related, so they’re the ones to talk to rather than the in game petition system. To warn you, it’s not likely to be a quick response, but if they can help, they will :confused: