Legacy Transfer problem

Hello, I’ve got a question about the legacy transfer. I was a very long long time player to TSW (I was a beta player) and I’ve played all the game before one day I discovered that Funcom has building a new game SWL.

I was a bit dissapointed so I’ve stopped playing a (long) time… And then I came back a month ago to SWL.

I have downloaded client and on the main page of TSW I’ve linked my account for Legacy Transfer. But I haven’t created a character at this moment.

Right now, I’ve got my character and I play well but I haven’t my legacy transfer…

The reason was because my account was freezed ? I have to reactivate it…

Is there any solution ? Or do I have to cry because all my wonderful TSW’s stuff was lost ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer… (I’ll pray the Illuminati God : KG)

The vanity transfer period that allowed you to unlock extra character slots and all of the weapon pages ended a few months after the relaunch. If you didn’t do it by Fall of 2017, you missed out.

The second (vanity) transfer only transfers cosmetics such as clothing, pets and sprint skins. If you did that you’ll be able to claim those items once you reach Agartha with your SWL character.

There was never any way to transfer characters or non-vanity items like gear.

No idea what you mean by frozen account.