Missing a LOT of claims on new character

I havnt played in a very long time, decided to make a new character. Some of my claims are available (black watchmen coats, few other things), but i dont have any of my sprints, my snake skin outfit, none of my titles, a whole slew of things that I should have gotten which my main character has. This is a migrated lifetime account from the original, so its basically all the rewards I received from the first Secret World are not on my new character, which like I said… my main character has (I created him at launch)

Hi rayx0r, I’m sorry to hear you’re missing some expected items after creating a new character.

For general information regarding the Legacy and Vanity transfers, please make sure to review the following post as well as the linked articles:

If you’re still missing any expected items after doing this, you should contact Support directly so we can take a closer look at your account for you:

Thank you. I just submitted a ticket.

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Did you click on the “Claim TSW Vanity” button in your Delivered Items window? You have to do that every time you create a new character.

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And you might have to arrive in Agartha before the Claim becomes available

even when the vanity item isnt listed?
ill give it a shot in a bit

edit thanks! that worked