Problems with vanity transfer from TSW


I submitted a ticket to support but haven’t heard anything back from them so I thought I’d try my luck here in case some helpful formite could assist.

I bought The Secret World on steam ages back, played for a bit then drifted off. I’ve recently returned and found out about the change to Secret World Legends. I’d quite like to transfer my vanity items from my old account but can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve followed the instructions on the account page and also read the guide on the steam discussion pages. When I go to TSW Legacy Transfer and click the confirm button it greys out and I a get a red “stop” sign for my mouse cursor when hovering over it. When I log into the game the promised “Claim TSW Vanity Items button” does not appear in the bottom of the GUI for my Delivered Items panel. Basically nothing happens.

Both my old TSW account and my current SWL accounts have the same user name and I linked the account page to my steam account. I’ve reached Agartha. I even downloaded TSW and made sure all my stuff was available and not stuck in the inventory or something.

Any suggestions welcome. Can supply more info if needed.

Have you tried a different browser? Once you’ve initiated the transfer on the account page, the button for it should be gone. If it keeps reappearing, you haven’t properly confirmed it. Maybe an extension is blocking a script?


Oh… my… god… it really was just that simple. Got a message in browser saying transfer was successfully completed and everything was there on logging in. I’ve spent hours trying to sort this…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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