Unable to finalize Vanity Transfer

Pre-ordered back in 2012

Acc has no affiliation with steam

Disabled all scripts/shields/adblock/antivirus

Tried using Chrome/Edge/Brave

Downloaded TSW and made sure all my items were claimed/not sitting in my inventory

Button ‘greys out’ after being clicked, nothing happens even after waiting a good while

‘Update Information’ option allows me to change my email and upon doing so I get a little Green Check/pop up letting me know it was successful which looks very similar to the popup you get with the transfer which I found an image of on a reddit post

Have a ticket w/ support but assuming the low playercount has influenced the amount of resources this game has been allocated by funcom, I wont hear back from them for a good month

If anyone has any suggestions i’m all ears

If you’ve never done the vanity transfer before then the option should have expired years ago. If this is your second vanity transfer then the option should still work, but I’m not sure what you can do to fix it.

The transfer page tends not to play well with Chromium-based browsers, which is pretty much everything these days. Try Firefox.


you beautiful human being, firefox worked perfectly. thank you!



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