Vanity Transfer Not Working

I started as a Secret World player. Then I played Secret World Legends but did not do the transfer that I remember. Now I’m playing Secret World Legends through the Steam client. I have initiated a Vanity Transfer through the account page, and it went through apparently successfully once I did it on the Microsoft Edge browser. It has been several hours now, more than 12, and nothing has come through by message nor Delivered Items.

What can I do now?

I understand this is for vanity items only, but none of those have shown up either.

An additional note, the button for the vanity transfer is no longer visible on my Account Management page so at least that’s an acknowledgement that it did something.

How far in SWL are you? Silly question, I know, but iirc you need to have at least reached Boone for the transfer to appear in your Delivered Items.
Though I guess that after 12+ hours, you have long gone past that, assuming you created your first SWL after doing the transfer.

Vanity transfers show up as an extra button at the bottom of the Delivered Items window. If you were in-game while you initiated the transfer you would have to close and restart the client for it to show up. But since you said it’s been twelve hours I assume you’ve already done that by now.

Are you sure that you’re playing on the right account? I.e. you logged in with your TSW user name and password and linked that account to Steam on the account page? If you just started playing on Steam without doing that you’re playing on a different account that’s not linked to TSW and can’t claim your vanity transfers.

I’m in Transylvania in the Shadowy Forest, and level 50, so I don’t think I’m held back by any artificial barriers.

On my Delivered Items menu I only have Get and Get All buttons with a grayed out delete button. I don’t see any new icons or changes in the menus.

I’ve had the same username the whole time. I also linked it to steam and have logged in using the username password and also through the login through steam button.

How would I trouble shoot that? Is there an account number or something that I could check?

So a possibility is that I had a Secret World Account and then created a Secret World Legends account and then when I started playing on Steam it created an entirely new account? I’m logged in in both possible ways, through two different browsers. Could I merge the accounts somehow? Can I manually enter login information when starting it through Steam? When I use a username/password to login to the account page, there’s no option to attach my account to Steam or anything else. One concerning thing is that I bought 1 month of Patron and when I log in using username and not Steam the Account Status shows Non Patron where when I log in using Steam there is no status at all.

One more piece of information is that my EA Secret World account is connected to my Steam account.

It still sounds to me like your TSW classic and SWL accounts aren’t actually linked. You may want to contact support at and see what they can do for you.

Thank you for your help. I’ve submitted a ticket. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

One thing you could try in the meantime, assuming that your internet connection allows it, is to download the standalone client and try to log in with your TSW user name and password. If that works, your old account definitely isn’t linked to your Steam account, as you can’t use the Steam and Funcom client with the same account.

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Does anyone know how long it takes tech support to get back to us once we create a ticket? I finished South Africa today and I haven’t heard anything back from them.

Response times could often be measured in weeks before the world went all crazy. Can’t imagine that things have improved.

Mine more two weeks but no three