The secret world Legacy items not being delivered

I recently decided that I wanted to play the secret world again, so I opened up steam and downloaded the game. I created a new character and started playing. I am currently in the scorched desert, level 42. It occurred to me to press “account” through the laucher and my old account name and email popped up on the new cite. There was an option to “transfer vanity items” so I did. It said it was successful and the button disappeared. It said to wait a few minutes, so I did. However, I have not received anything. I click on “delivered items” and there is no button to press and no items to claim or anything. I’ve been reading a few people having this same issue and a commenter said that I needed to make the account into a steam account but when I click that button it tells me I need to delete my current character and start over… is that what needs to happen? I dont really want to start over to get some clothing items and sprint animations/ pets. Unless I am doing something wrong and I can still get the items without needing to delete my current character that i’ve spent a significant amount of hours on. Any ideas?

I’m sorry, but which game are you talking about? Secret World? Vanity Items? :man_shrugging:

As per the question: “the secret world” legacy items. If you played back when the game was called TSW and bought items like clothing, pets, gear, etc… you were able to transfer them to SWL when they moved over. Those that missed the deadline were only able to move the skins, clothing and some other items only. That’s why its called “vanity items”. However, I dont seem to be able to for some reason. I am unsure as to why.

I thought you might have been trolling me. Looks like you mis-clicked your way to the Conan Exiles forum by accident. :wink:

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Why are you asking about The Secret World on Conan forums. BTW Team Templar since Alpha. :stuck_out_tongue:

wasnt aware I did lol. I pressed support from the SWL cite and those were the only options available lol. Unsure what I did wrong. Sorry!

No worries @Phoenixofki

Here is the forum page you are looking for: Secret World Legends - Funcom Forums :blush: