Legacy Transfer woes

I am a bit confused about this whole Legacy process. I pre-ordered TSW and played it off and on for a few years, and when the Legacy system was announced I transferred over my account. However, when I logged into TSWL on Steam; I had nothing in the delivery box when I got to Agartha. When I click account on the Steam page, it takes me right to my correct funcom account. I saw that the TSW Legacy Transfer button was still there and clicked on it, ran though the steps again, and it claimed to have transferred (again) and the button disappeared. I have not converted it to a Steam account, as I would rather have the option to play on Steam and the regular client.

I might be doing something wrong or just be a bit confused, I am just looking forward to trying out all the unlocked weapons and getting my cosmetics and pets! Thanks in advance!

From about the time a character arrives in Agartha, you should be able to open your delivered items page and hit the claim button on the bottom to unlock weapons, clothing, pets & sprints.

Can never remember what triggers where, but at the latest the police station in KM. If nothing have appeared in the delivery by then, then its not gonna.
Be aware that nothing will be listed in the delivery, like normal delivered items do, rather there will be an extra option to click at the bottom of the window.

You can’t have it both ways. Your account is either a Funcom account or a Steam account.

If your copy of TSW wasn’t bought on Steam and you logged into SWL on Steam, that created a completely new account unrelated to your TSW account. The only way to get the legacy transfer perks on Steam is to link your existing account to it. If you don’t want to do that, you have to use the Funcom client.

ETA: Note that linking your Funcom account to Steam after you’ve created a character on your (new) Steam SWL account will prevent you from accessing that character. If you want to re-use the name, delete the character before you link, or seek help from Funcom support at https://www.funcom.com/help/.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with getting your legacy items from TSW copied over to SWL. I can offer you some direct assistance with this if you create an email at help.funcom.com/. We’ll be happy to have a look at what is available for transfer and troubleshoot if necessary.