I Started Playing on Steam Before Converting My Funcom Account to a Steam Account!



It’s incredibly common for players to jump into SWL on Steam before remembering their TSW account. At this point, they have 2 SWL accounts and they usually want to get the benefits of their copied-TSW account(Vanity Transfer), but they want the Characters on the Steam account.

What Customer Service Can Do

If you have already overwritten your Steam account(which had all of your characters and progress) with your Funcom Account, we can now recover your characters and Aurum you had on the overwritten account and move them to the current account.

Shoot us an email through help.funcom.com and we’ll sort you out as quickly as we can.

If you have not yet overwritten your Steam account, we can walk you through the process and make sure to save all of the vanity items you want from your TSW Account while also saving the progress from your Steam Account.

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