About Account conversion

So, I used to have a Funcom Account with the original TSW. With the appearance of SWL, it got converted into a Steam account. I played a while, then stopped quite long ago.

Now I restarted. Did a Patreon subscription. Wanted it just one month and thus looked for the cancellation button. Nothing on the Funcom Account page, not even my payment was registered. Somehow I misclicked, and my account got converted into Funcom “Non Patreon” account.

Result: All character slots lost, patreon status unclear.


I contacted support, but this is really confusing for me.

If you’ve converted your account to a Funcom account you’ll need to install the standalone client and log in to it using your Funcom user name and password to access your account.

Logging in through Steam after you’ve converted your account created a separate, empty Steam SWL account. Hence why your characters are missing. Your previous account is no longer linked to Steam.

Thanks. I installed the funcom client and found my missing characters. My patreon subscription is now linked to the empty Steam account. But both seem to have patreon services active right now. I suppose this will change at the end of the first 30-day period.

You cannot convert back to a Funcom account. Once you convert to Steam, that’s it. It’s permanent, unfortunately. The Steam conversion has… issues.

I don’t know what it is that you did, but it wasn’t converting to a Funcom account. I suspect what happened is you didn’t actually complete the convertion to Steam, but downloaded the Steam version anyway.

I assure you, it was the other way around, and I agree, this shouldn´t have been possible. I had a Steam account, and somehow, on the funcom account administration page, there was an option to convert the Steam account to Funcom. Which means, my patreon subsciption now runs on an emtpy steam account, and my characters plus TSW legacy stuff runs on a funcom account, which I could only use by reinstalling the SWL client directly from the funcom website.

This is stupid af, and I am curious when support will help me.

If I dont get any help, I will have to continue using the funcom client instead of steam and my subscription for this month is simply lost. I managed to cancel the steam subscription for the next month in the meanwhile.

Such an option doesn’t exist and I assure you that it is functionally impossible to convert your account from Steam to Funcom. It isn’t just a decision Funcom came up with. It’s just not technically possible. The conversion is one way for various reasons.

I’m unsure what you think you saw and what you think you clicked on, but it certainly was not this.

And in the event that you were not aware, this forum is not for official support. If you’re waiting for Funcom to help you from here, you will be waiting forever. You said you contacted Funcom, so I assume you opened a support ticket. That’s the only way for any official response.

Yes, it does. Accounts that were automatically converted to Steam when SWL was released on that platform were given the option to convert back to a Funcom account.

There’s even a FAQ entry for that.