WANTED - missing characters, dead or alive


I’m a huge fan of this game. I followed TSW for months pre-launch, then happily dived in for years.

The I jumped on the SWL bandwagon and played THAT. Then kids happened and I stopped playing a while.

I transfered my account to steam back in 2017, all good. Now I’m trying to get back in the game. I log in and poof. nothing.

I submitted Funcom Support Ticket 1140381 in MAY. Then sent a reminder in JUNE. then JULY. still no answer.

At this point I just want my three slots back instead of just one. It’s like the link to my funcom account is missing. Yet when I click on account, I log in at the website and see my email etc, no problem.

Not sure where to go at this point. I have my email and old account names, TSW and SWL legends I can send in if that helps.

I really want to love this game again.


When you log in to your funcom account, what client does it tell you you have?

As a steam user who transfered from a funcom client to a steam client, it looks like this for me.

Another question that could be relevant is if you have more than one account?

wow, thank you SinOfTheWolfs I really appreciate your reply.

I dont see that at all. And apparently my account here is too new to upload pictures bah.

on the left under account information, I see this:

button: update information
button: change password
then the usual links to facebook, twitter etc.

my account type in the middle is listed as non patron.

sooo… what does that mean?? Thanks

I would think that means you are on a funcom client, not a steam client.

But from your description you don’t have the “Convert to Steam account” option, which i think might be gone if you converted from a Steam account to a Funcom Account (or vice versa) as the conversion is one way and one time only.

Try download the funcom client, which should be available on the right side of the account page, and lets hope that’s where it’s hidden =).

Thank you again SinOfTheWolfs. That is indeed what I see, minus the convert to Steam. That is odd because I had a funcom account first obviously, and don’t recall switching to Steam.

Well I did download the old funcom client, 7 gigs later, I tried to log in directly there - NOPE. Then I took out a piece of paper and drew a chart with the 3 accounts involved, Steam, Funcom website and SWL. I tried different ways to connect those accounts.

I noticed when I would hit the account button from the client, launching from Steam or Funcom client, they would both bring me to the same Funcom website account. So that wasn’t the problem.

I actually rebooted an oooold computer and looked in the TSW logs there to doublecheck my login. Yep, was still the same one.

Then I found a 2016 list of passwords. After lots of fiddling around, I tried changing my funcom account password to that old 2016 TSW password. I figured the funcom client password must be the same as the funcom website one. There is no way to change the former, only the latter.

Poof. it WORKED!

Go figure.

I have my SWL characters back YAAAY !

dances about the room

Thanks for setting me on the right path :wink:


Happy to hear you found them =D Happy hunting :wink:


thank youuuuuu :slight_smile:

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