I can't login and I am waiting since 4 months (!) for an answer of the support

Hi folks,

I’m Joss and I’m waiting since 4 months for an answer of the support.

It is not a kikipiki-problem, I can’t login. That is not so funny anymore.

Is there anybody out there of the support-team who have an interest to help me? I am not a F2P-Gamer, I am a Patron and have in the good old days invested much in this game, time and money.


maybe a ticketnumber could help

Assuming you are on the funcom client and not the steam one. Can you log in into your accountpage or does that equally not work or is it specific to the game?

The Ticketnummer is: [Funcom #1149291] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

  1. Yes, I use only the funcom client.

  2. Yes, I can log in to my account, there is no problem, only the log in to the game doesn’t work.

did you have try to reset your Password through the account page and wait 30 minutes and then try to login in ? by the way we talk about SWL and not TSW right ?


Sure, SWL (but my brain refuse the difference - there can only be one).

I have solved the problem with the help of Andy. Thank you very much! It was a strange thing and my english is too bad to explain it in a sufficient way: My username was standing two times in the field, but the field don’t show it, because my username is first very long and second there was a couple of blanks behind it. So I can’t see it and if the cursour runs through you see only the correct username again. So I didn’t understand it and thought the account was hacked. But as Andy wrote to me that there is no problem with the account, I should control the inserts for username and password again, I found the cause of the problem.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this case. Especially to Melcom who has tried and tried again to prolongue my desperation to the right bar in town.


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Freut mich das dir geholfen werden konnte :wink: