Hi Funcom, why do you hate my money?

OK the title was bit serious the but problem I have engaged was more interesting.

Decided the support SWL by subbing, so far so good. Got my cup o’ tea, credit card sitting aside…then problem occured

TL:DR version:

  1. Can’t log into account management page.
  2. Can log into game with the same password fine.
  3. Tried to reset password, received new generated password from email. Also I copy pasted the whole thing so there is no way it could be a “cap” or “missing letter” issue.
  4. Can’t log into account management with new password, can log into game with new password.

So currently I am sitting with a complex generated password, can still play SWL, but can’t log into account management page.

Tried email customer service and the response I’ve got was, quote by quote “I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having trouble accessing your account management page on our website. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide support for this issue at this time. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.”

Really? You can’t provide support to issue that addressed directly to YOUR website?

Title says it all, Funcom, why do you hate my money?

First of all, you sign up for patron in-game, not from your account management page. Just click on the little honeycomb icon in the top left corner.

Secondly, if you can log into the game itself but not your account management page, that’s a sign that your IP address has been used for too many different accounts. If you’re using a VPN, turn it off before you try to log into account management.


Hello Kumaguy, sorry to hear of the trouble with your account and the response you received from support. If you can please give me the ticket reference ID I’ll be happy to follow up on that. Aeryl is correct that Patron subscriptions are purchased in-game. Please click the small bee icon at the top left corner of the UI to be directed to the purchase page. We can certainly assist with your account login, though, so please get back to me with your ticket reference ID at your convenience.

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