"Incorrect Login Information" Message in Game, but Login to my Account OK on Website

As of today, I am unable to log in to the game. I keep getting the message “Incorrect login information”. It was fine yesterday, and every day before that.

I am able to log in to may account on the Funcom website with the same ID and password (I’m copying and pasting the password to make sure I’m using the same on on both the website and the game).

I’m using a direct Funcom account - not through Steam.


This happened to me today. Did you ever get a resolution?

Sorry for the slow reply - I haven’t logged into the forums for a while.

Not a word from “support”, which is par for the course. I don’t think Customer Support even exists anymore - unless you are able to contact someone directly. It’s been years since I’ve had any kind of Funcom response to any support ticket or post in the Support forum.

However, I did solve the problem on my own. I changed my password to something I could remember, and typed in in manually instead of copy-pasting from my password manager. That seems to have solved the problem.