Unable to login, incorrect login information

I am unable to login into my account. I keep getting the “incorrect login information, please re-enter your credentials message”. I am still able to log into my account page and the forums. I have tried both the direct link on my desktop and the link through Steam. I have tried several times, verifying that I typed the correct password, I have made sure CAPS lock is off and I have made a new password on my accounts page. The new password does not work either. I restarted my computer and that didn’t help. Are there any known issues that may causing this problem?

If you’re using steam it shouldn’t ask for you to enter anything. Did you add the standalone client to Steam or something?

The link is in there as a “non-Steam game”. I have not converted the game to Steam. I have added links to seveal of my other “non-Steam” games to my Steam library so people can see my activity on the Steam Friend List

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Just in case it matters, and to avoid duplication of effort, I have contacted Funcom Customer Service via e-mail. They have given my request the ID “[Funcom Support #1154072]”

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Is it giving you that error right away or after Authenticating has been working for a bit?

It looks like it is going to log in as normal then after a few seconds i get the failure to authenticate error.

You can try the Steam fix for that of hitting cancel while it says authenticating and logging again. Might take a few tries? It could still be something else but it’s worth a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it did not work. I am now on my second day of not being able to log in. My patron status is about to expire so I missed out on two keys. Oh well.

Just want to be sure, have you tried typing out your password on notepad and copying and pasting?

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I have not tried that. At your recommendation though, I gave it a shot but it did not work.


Had this problem when the game launched (swl,not tsw).
From what i remember,i deleted the file where it is written the name of the different accounts you logged in and the caracters you played on this computer and it worked,i can’t remember where is this file(because if i remember well it is not in the same files as the game),but i hope it can help you if you figure out where is this file
And don’t worry,the game is remaking by it self this file after you delete him next time you loggin to the game

(sorry for my poor english,i’m not english at all)

It’s likely in %appdata% but I’m not at my computer to get the exact relative location. I’ll update this reply when I am able.

Just found it:
users>user>app data>local>funcom>delete the whole funcom thing(it will also reset your UI setting in game)

You need to have"hidden elements" ON to see theses files

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rephaiim and Keisersoze59 that did the trick. Thank you so much!

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You’r welcome ,beware that deleting theses files also reset your in game settings to basics,so you might need to do them again^^

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