Cant login to either the website or the game

I started playing this game in Beta and kept my account for the launch, but then I stopped playing because of all the bugs. Now that it has been a few years and a friend has shown interest in playing the game, I decided to give it another chance. I tried logging into the game using my original username and password and was given an authentication error. I thought that it might be me who forgot the information seeing as it has been 13 years since I logged in last, so I clicked the forgot my password button and used the email I received to follow the link and reset my password. Once I received the email with my new password I copied it and pasted it and was still met with the same response of authentication error on both the website login and the game login. I then tried the create account button and went through that process. While I was creating this new account I wanted to be sure there were no errors so I copied and pasted the information that was request from a note pad file. I then tried to log into the new account and was met with the same authentication error message about my password being incorrect. Then I went looking to see if there were others with the same issue and I was surprised to see just how many others there were that have the same issue. While most of them went unanswered/ignored completely I do see that there are over a hundred views on most of these posts. This leads me to believe that not only are there many people who are having this issue that are posting but it seems like there are many people who are having the issue and not posting. When people see that there is not a single response from support they are probably continuing their search or just moving on to a different game. I did not have an account to the forums before I made my first post this morning so getting the passwords confused between the two can be ruled out as well as typing them in incorrectly since they were copied and pasted. You can take this as an insult and get butt hurt over it or you can take it as a way to improve your process in order to make it easier for people to play the game in the future. Anyway, if you have a way of assisting me with this issue please let me know.

Wall of text crits you.

Just make a steam or new account.

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I am playing through steam, and did you miss the part where I said I made a new account?

The password reset function doesn’t seem to be working for most people, much like the char transfer system and there are no plans by funcom on fixing any of it. Making a new account is the easiest workaround, and if you haven’t played in 13 years, you might as well anyway. Funcom will offer you no support in this game. It is, for all intents and purposes, abandonware.

I made a new account and it is still saying the same thing.

Did you wait a few minutes between the account creation and the login attempt in game ?

I have a similar problem, but I cant even create an account. It just hits me with “Invalid email address” Every time I try to register, with any email i feed it.

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