Can't log in to the website, submited a ticket back in 1st of March and still no response!

When I use my username and password in to the game client i can log in and play the game. But when i try to log in to the website with the same username and password they don’t seem to work. I tried to reset my password but none of the email addresses im using received any reset links. So i submited a ticket to customer support 1st of March and made a petition in game but to this day no one responded. It’s a shame really because all i wanted to do is to transfer my main character from Fury to Crom so i can subscribe and play with my friends… @CustomerService @Nossos @Rooibos

Your game password can be different from account password. If you aren’t getting the password reset emails, and you are sure you are using the correct email address, and you are sure it isn’t getting hit by a spam filter, then yeah, that is an issue. Sometimes, some email accounts/providers just have issues getting Funcom emails.

The in-game petition should have gotten a response by now (saying they can’t help and to go through the email ticket system). You have checked the petition window again, right? You don’t get notified of a response while offline anymore.

As for the email ticket, did you get a confirmation email when first submitting it? If so, you would know the emails are working, and it is just a matter of waiting for a response. Email tickets can take from about 3 weeks, to 3 months to get a response based upon recent history.

I stopped using my username to log in with a while ago as it would sometimes not work. Just log in using your email addee and password. That works 100% of the time for me.

You are correct. My petition was asnwered and they told me that they can’t help me in game with that issue. I checked the spam folders of my emails but still didn’t find any reset links. And about the waiting responce taking 3 months that’s just crazy. I don’t expect my ticket to be asnwered that quick but 3 months for a problem that can be solved with 2 or 3 email messages?!

Customer Service wait times have been terrible for over a year now. Support wait times increased to taking up to around 3 months to get a response. I doubt there is that drastic of an increase in players flooding the system, so I assume the Support staff got cut, and they have never changed their mind to hire someone back.

Thanks for your help @Piankhi. I hope they answer my ticket someday. I will post if i finally get a response…

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