Authentication failed - cannot log into account or create new account

I really want to give Funcom money for my kid’s account but on every browser and every device I get Authentication failed error. Been trying for days. Tried resetting router, clearing cookies/cache, using different systems, different browsers, using my phone (wifi/bt turned off so it’s connecting over carrier).

Funcom/AOC: “Authentication failed”

We’ve even tried to create new accounts and while there’s no error creating the new accounts, none of them ever seem to be created (“forgot pw” option sends email saying no account with this email addr.

Anyone have a workaround?

Yes. We can log into the game with both our accounts. We cannot log into the website with either account.

If you have the correct username, try this with the account name and not the email adress :

also, the account password can be different than the game password.

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