Launcher not allowing log-in, incorrect verification

I logged in my main account about 30 minutes ago, worked fine. Logged into my alt, that worked fine. Then my brother tried to log in, he can’t get past UserId and password because “Incorrect information, please verify your details”.

So I went back and tried mine, I get the same on both accounts. We’ve double and triple checked our passwords, CapsLock, Numlock, checked the passwords in plain text, cut and pasted them from plain text, etc. etc. Game simply no longer recognizes our passwords, on 3 accounts, with less than an hour having passed since we previously used them.


I have the same problem.

Same Here. And since i play from Steam, can’t even check login and password, since all I have is a big Play button…

Same problem here.

I Dont use steam version. On game Verification failed. On site my Pass is ok. Logged to game 40mins ago. Now i cannot.

I have the same issue in SWL through steam. I have been able to log into my account through the SWL website, which is interesting.

same issue, funcom client

Same here, from my Steam account and my non-Steam…

We are aware of the issue and are investigating the matter.


Is why we love you, dude…

Same Here gives me Weird Code ( 1 ) Cannot log in at all in character window.

I’m receiving word that the login servers should be back up.

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It works ! Thank you ! \o/

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Awesome back in Muhahahaha. Thnks Funcom team

And suddenly, it works no more atm. Same error while login with a steam account

Same error while login with NO a steam account

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