New PC cant log in

I installed SWL on a different pc, the game will open but I can’t log in to play with my created characters

In what way are you logging in? Steam or standalone client? Exactly where in the proces does it stop you? What happens when it does? Any error messages or the like?

Logging in from Steam and it goes to the create character screen and won’t let me login

Was you game also on Steam on your first PC? Because you can only have account connected with one of them, can’t use standalone account to login into Steam client and opposite. Steam client doesn’t even have login option because it uses your Steam account for this.

Yes it was, I just don’t get the login window

The actual login with username/password happens before the character screen. Are your characters there and you cant log them into the game? Are they missing?

exactly, my characters are not there

The screen with the username/password does not open I just get a screen that has tabs for Quit, Settings, Credits, Play Now and Account at the bottom of the screen

Steam goes through the login (username/password) proces so you wouldnt see that part.

Try go to, and log in to your account there. I think it tells you if its a steam or standalone client. It also offers a coversion to the other client, if you havent done that already. Conversion can only happen once.

Another question, just to cover All the bases. You are playing Secret World Legends, and not The Secret World right?

Yes Legends

Yeah there should be no login component with the steam client. If you were used to logging in before maybe you should download the standalone client just to be sure your not getting the two confused.