Logon Via Steam With Different User

I want to logon to Secret World Legends via Steam with a different user than the one it thinks I want to use. When the game starts there’s no option to logon or logoff - it automatically logs me on to an account I don’t want to use. How can I change this?

As far as I’m aware the Steam client will only ever log you into the account associated with the current Steam user. So if the account you want to access is also a Steam account you can just log into steam with that user before launching SWL, otherwise you’ll need to install the non-steam client.

If your other account is a non-Steam account you’ll find a one-time option to convert it to a Steam account on your SWL account page.

However, each Steam account can only be linked to one SWL account, so if you choose to do so, you will lose the SWL account currently associated with your Steam user name. There is no way to access multiple SWL accounts using a single Steam account.

And once converted, your SWL account is permanently tied to Steam and cannot be turned back into a Funcom client account.

Any idea if it’s still the case that converting from an SWL account to Steam account wipes the existing characters?

I’m not sure if that was ever the case. But if you had any characters on your Steam-created SWL account before linking your Funcom SWL account to that same Steam user name, you’d of course lose those characters. But the characters on the Funcom SWL account should be fine.

I think the confusion about deleted characters came from the fact that if you log into SWL using Steam without a prior linked account, it will create a new/blank SWL account for you. Anything you then do on that new account gets overwritten if you later decide to link a pre-existing SWL account.

As always: When in doubt, contact customer service! https://www.funcom.com/help

Edit: And vice versa as well. If you were using a Steam account and (accidentally or on purpose) unlinked it and then logged back in via Steam, that would also leave the impression of deleted characters because those characters would now reside on an account requiring the Funcom client and logging in via Steam would give you a new/empty SWL account.

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