Started yesterday, now my character is gone?


I started playing Secret World Legends yesterday, installed it, clicked on the “account” button in the menu and created an account, linked my steam to it. After that I created my character and played the tutorial. I wanted to play further a few mins ago, started the game through steam and my character was gone.

I only see the menu and that I have to create a new character. What the f?
Was looking through the internet and came across that there is a problem with linking steam to the account after playing, but I linked it before I even started to play?
Also, already wrote a ticket but maybe someone here also has an idea what this is about.

Linking as far as I’m aware is only for purpose of transferring cosmetics which is not something you should be worried about, it’s for legacy TSW players.

When it comes to playing standalone and steam clients are completely different accounts, you CAN tranfer your standalone account to steam or vice versa one time only and it’s irreversible after that.

So if you created your character it’s still on that standalone account and you can get to it via standalone client still.

But the thing is… I installed it via steam, also linked both of the accounts before creating the character. Shouldnt it be on the steam account then when I installed if through steam?

I can try, downloading the standalone client… but when I try to log into the SWL-Account it always directs me to my steam <.<
Will try it nonetheless…

If you installed it through steam it creates account automatically, you don’t need to “create account” so I’m not sure what you did there by “clicking account button” and anything past that.

It could be possible that you created a standalone account via steam client, I’ve never tried to do such a thing.

Go to your account page and check what account type you have.

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Well… in the main menu is a button called “account” and I clicked on that, created an account on account.secretworldlegends and linked that with steam. It also says “Account Type: Steam”, this was also stated in the account on secretworldlegends before I made my character.
This is everything I had done yesterday, after that I created my character and started playing.

Today I started the game via Steam and the game suggested that I create a character, which is strange because I had one, the one that I logged off with yesterday.

The order in which you did things confuses me. You don’t have to manually create an account in order to start playing if you installed SWL on Steam, it does that automatically.

It sounds to me like you logged into the game using Steam, which created a new Steam SWL account for you. Then you went to the account page to create a new account and linked that to Steam. You may have ended up creating the character on the first account and then linked an empty account to Steam, thus losing access to the first account and the character created on it.

Customer service may be able to help with that, but since you only just started playing and don’t have a legacy TSW account, it’s probably quicker to write off the old character and just go through the tutorial again.

Thats exactly what I did. But I linked my steam before creating the character :frowning:
Also the account stated that it was “Account Type: Steam” before the creation… Linking both accounts was done before the creation … that is was confusing me tho <.< bc the link was done and all…

If you left Steam and the game running while you were doing your account dance, you probably remained logged into the first SWL account that got created automatically for you.

that could be the case… I dont remember if I had re-started the game before.

The only annoying thing is that the character name is taken now <.<

You could try contacting support at Funcom Help - Funcom to see if they can help, but it may take several weeks to get a response.

yea no xD not gonna do that ^^

Gonna check your previous post as the solution and I am gonna create a new character then…

It’s still worth a try if you’re attached to the character name. You can rename characters (for a fee), but inactive names don’t get freed up automatically, so your previous name would remain unavailable indefinitely.

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I will try it. Now i just wait for an answer :slight_smile: thank you both anyway!

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