I went to log in My Character is missing

Hello everybody,

I went to log on the game & play today & my character is completely gone. It’s the one & only i have had since beta. Whom would i contact about this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m slightly confused by the “since beta” comment as Secret World Legends characters never carried over from beta. Characters from The Secret World also didn’t transfer to Secret World Legends, which is a separate game.

In any case, Funcom Help - Funcom would be where you get official support.

In the meantime, it might help if you specify when you last played, which client you were using (Funcom or Steam) and whether you’ve ever switched your account and client type.

I have played game since beta. Once the game went live. I created a character with the same name. Had it since then, Played the game last night. Today it is just…Poooof…Gone. I believe i logged on through steam. Thank you for the response.


Aeryl, I deleted the Steam version. Went & reinstalled the game from client. It is there now & i have 3 total character slots instead of just one that steam said i had. Very strange. Any idea why it is like that?

Your account can only be a Funcom account or a Steam account, not both. It appears that your account is of the Funcom variety. When you logged in through Steam, it created a new, blank account.

If you want to play through Steam and haven’t previously converted your account, there’s a ONE TIME, IRREVERSABLE option to convert to or from Steam at https://account.secretworldlegends.com.


That is strange because i HAD been playing all last week since i reinstalled it in Steam. Today it just quit working in it. Thats when i deleted it & re downloaded the funcom client.

It’s possible you added the Funcom client to your library as a non-Steam game