All of my characters are gone

I used to have 4 or 5. with one of them around level 70 I believe. I last played last September. I logged in to find it completely empty. I can’t include links or images apparently but I was just going to include the image of the screen that shows all the characters being completely empty.

Thing to check is whether you were playing via Steam client or Funcom client in September (i.e. are you using the same client now as you used in September). The two game clients are independent so you could have different characters on each (thus 0 on one and 4 or 5 on the other).

Max level in SWL is 50, btw.


Is this for Secret World Legends?


Oops I posted this in the wrong section. This was intended for Age of Conan: Unchained. Can I move this thread? Also, I played through steam both times but still had to login to my funcom account, which I’ve checked and double checked is the right one

Edit: Figured out how to move it to the appropriate section

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Are you sure you have the right account? I had this happen to me once until I realized I was logging into one of my alt accounts.

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I checked another account I had but that was the first one I had ever used way back in 2013 and the characters are still showing, even on the ones for servers that no longer exist. I’m fairly certain I have the username right. Not sure why they disappeared, there should be at least 1 even if it wasn’t the right account

Don’t know my friend, But look on the bright side. This game is dead anyway. You’re not missing out on much.

As soon as that happens… Re-Roll? Nah… My advice don’t do this to yourself.

@AndyB any advice?

You could always try a support ticket, and wait however long it takes for a response. Their logs are probably still too short to have any record left of what may have happened, but you never know. Maybe they could tell you something about why the account no longer has characters.

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I’ve submitted my support ticket. Hopefully they’re able to do something. I know the game has been dead for a while but I’ve always enjoyed logging in and questing by myself and listening to the soundtrack. Would suck if I had to start from the beginning again, although I would. As far as MMORPGs go, I enjoy this one a lot.

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