Everything GONE!

i’ve been playing over a week now, got up to lvl 43-45 in Egypt, was playing not 10 mins ago, logged back in and everything Char 3/3 GONE!!! like i never had an account please help

here is a link to just less then an hour before posting this i was streaming on TWITCH

even though im not a sub i do drop cash into this game

Just for reference are you playing on Steam or standalone client? The Steam one just needs you to be signed in to Steam on the right account.


Did the video show everything was gone? I couldn’t find it if it did.

no it shows what i HAD as in a character /toon

now when i log in GONE

The ‘Issue’ trying to be conveyed here is that an hour earlier, his account was fine. His lvl 44 character was rolling through Scorched Desert ie. the twitch feed he listed above as proof. Now, he’s staring at the home screen as if he’s just picked up the game and is currently about to start out in SWL.


So, now that we’ve both petitioned the support desk as it were, we’re wondering when they’ll get around to looking into this. He is technically a paying customer, so therefore, his issue should be dealt with in one way or another. Let’s see how that goes.

Well I’ll be. Good luck with your ‘Issue’ as Sekryn said.

Is it possible to add the character names in your friends list. This is a way to at least test if the character still exists in the server iirc. Either way this is a very odd occurence. First time I’ve seen anything like this happen.

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Did. Logged in shortly after this all happened and he’s still on my friend’s list. So, somewhere out there across the sea of 1’s and 0’s, his character is technically active. Just not routing back to his account when he logs in. Hopefully they’ll return it and his other 2 characters, or at the very least, vouchers for roughly 1k AP, 1k SP, and about 50k in Bull chips and anima chips.

Probably a daft question, but your LocalConfig.xml file is definitely pointing to live?


if this? then yes

Hey there. I’m sorry to hear about this. What exactly happened between the last time you were logged in and now? Your video clip shows gameplay but no logout or crash. Did you log out as normal prior to everything getting mixed up like this? Was there anything you did between last logout and when you logged in to find the empty character screen? Did you attempt any account links, transfers, etc?

It’s technically possible to ‘overwrite’ a pre-existing Steam SWL account’s characters if you started playing through Steam prior to linking a SWL account to Steam. SWL accounts made outside of Steam, such as those created prior to SWL’s Steam launch as well as those copied from TSW accounts that utilized the Funcom Client have the option to convert to Steam, which will link the account… although warnings are supposed to appear to let you know about this fact. Of course, it’s entirely possible you didn’t do anything of this sort, but I’m trying to cover all the bases.

Was your account always a Steam account? …and on that note, do you have multiple accounts you use to log into Steam itself?


Yes, that and:


in the file indicate Live. As you have a support ticket it would definitely be worth dropping a DM to @AndyB in the hope that he can add his Might to the request.

only one account, alway with steam, and i logged out, took a BIO came back to this…

As long as no bio on the compo.

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yes i also have a ticket open

I noticed your info is different from mine, specically the HttpPatchFolder / HttpSteamPatchFolder. This could be because you use steam while I don’t. Anyway, might be worth a shot changing to see if it helps. :wink:

5 months still no reply…

Anyone ever tell you to try messaging AndyB?