My level 60 character has GONE after 16/6 update - forced me to start a new toon :(

Game mode: : Online on my own g-portal server
Type of issue:: My level 60 character has GONE
Server type:: PvP
Region: Oceania

My level 60 character has disappeared. Luckily I’m admin on my own server so I know I can just level myself up and give feat points etc but I earned that character and levelling up through admin commands seems a bs way of working this out.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Steam update finished
  2. Restarted game
  3. No servers showing at all in server list (had restarted mine)
  4. Tried direct connect as it had worked for another player on my server
  5. Took me to character creation ?!?
  6. Thought maybe wires crossed and this is not my server?
  7. Backed out and restarted game
  8. Still no servers showing. Tried direct connect again. Character creation screen again.
  9. Nervously made new toon
    10.Joined game. It was my server, other player was there.
    11.Feeling pretty gutted to say the least. Hundreds of hours gone.
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We had the same Problem on our Server. It helped us to install a server backup. After that, the error did not occur again.

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Unfortunately last server back up was 2 weeks ago. I can’t do that to my players just to save my own toon from the tomb. :frowning:

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I try single player.Get character creation screen.Disconnect.After some time try again.My character available,all is ok

Bonjour, je ne sais pas ci beaucoup on le même soucis que moi, mais quand la maj a été faite, j’ai tenté de me reconnecter à mon serveur… Qui a malheureusement wype, et je ne comprend absolument pas la raison, est ce que ce bug sera corrigé grâce au nouveau patch ou est ce que moi et mes joueurs avons réellement perdu tous ce qui ce trouve sur mon serveur ??? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

Bonjour, si le serveur a été effacé, tout le monde doit recommencer, malheureusement il n’y a rien que vous puissiez faire. Plus de gens pourraient vous aider en anglais. Probablement mieux que moi :wink:

it may have something to do with Steam id’s . it appears that we now have a funcom id instead and that’s likely causing the issues.

Bravo Funcom

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Je n’écris pas anglais, mais français, je pense que la page du site doit faire une traduction automatique … C’est pour cela que vous avez peut être du mal a me lire … :frowning:

Ah… C’est peut être pour cela que je n’arrive plus a me connecter sur steam … merci

je pense que cela peut être un problème distinct. le jeu semble rompu avec le patch, ce qui empêche les gens de voir les serveurs

I have the same issue. My character no longer exists and its asking me to remake character.

For those of you that had this happen on an official server, please let us know of your name and server.
If it happened in a private server, and if you can, please send us your game.db and latest server logs so our team can take a look into it. If you’re playing with mods, also let us know.
Thanks in advance and apologies for the frustration.


On my server there are a few backups right next to the game.db file named game_backup_X.db with X>0.
Have you tried those?

Had this issue not on today’s update but the update before this one. Playing in solo/offline mode and it made me created a new toon/game. Thankfully I was able to load a back up from Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved and selecting a game_back_#.db just had to copy and save as game.db although unfortunately that was still like a week or two old so I lost progress but at least not everything.

On today’s update, I can’t even get the game to start, so…

Please approach this with caution.

We have reports going both ways, it works, it made me start over.

Personally, we have shut down our dedicated server to prevent deleted backups until we get official word about a fix and confirmation from several server owners.

A loss of 12 hours <> deleted character.

Please be patient.



all servers are down or down

hi, i played on pvp server 1126. My character tsukami lvl 60 has disappeared on this server and I must create a new character for playing on this server. Also on 1128, my character are always here. Can you give me back my original character lvl 60 on the server 1126 pvp

This is what I saw on in our backend as well. SteamIDs have been detached from characters and Funcom Live IDs are not in their place.

I’m hoping this is not the case for Officials, otherwise I can see this being something of a cluster****.

i wonder if they even talked to Steam about doing that in the first place. also why the change? its not something i asked for , or wanted.

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My understanding is that given that Tencent is a major investment in both Funcom and Epic, that Conan will feature on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If this is the case, they would need a separate player identifier than the SteamID. It definitely makes sense, but if it is going to detach players from existing characters and structures? Oooooo boy…

Again, I’m extrapolating possibilities based on what I can see from what has happened to private servers and worried it may translate to Officials. I hope this isn’t the case.

EDIT: Appears to have been corrected on Officials :slight_smile: