Official PvP Character Disappear

Game mode: [Enter game mode here:PvP (Online official | Online
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc - Character disappeared/can’t use - gives option to create new one
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EU PvP Official #1129

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I can’t give much of a step-by-step list, but I can tell you I logged out last night- logged in this morning, and it is telling me to create a new character. I have tried re-installing the game, joining different servers, everything I could practically think of. Does anybody know of a fix/can somebody help me?
I am on Official Server #1129

Thank You

I don’t know what information is particularly useful for this situation, but I am happy to elaborate on some details should someone ask. I would love it if I didn’t have to lose my progress. Cheers!

Thought I’d also add this- this has happened twice. Both times I have been unable to retrieve my character… This is making me not want to play the game if the client can not properly save my character…

Hey @terps

Could you send us via a private message your character name and the last time you logged out of the server with it?
Thanks in advance.


Hiya! I am unsure how to send a private message but my username is officer nasty, and I last logged out on january 5th between 4-6am CT I believe

steam auth is derping in the last weeks, it starts in “offline mode” without noticing, try and checking that before starting the game, it can happen, maybe is not your case, so if thats not the case apologies in advance.

tried that as well, thanks for the input though!

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Hey @terps

Your character is still present in the most current database. As @q9c9p suggests, there might be some sort of issue with your Steam account authentication. Make sure you’re accessing from the account you created that character based on your family sharing settings.


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