Character disappeared on official server


I made a character 8 hours ago and have been playing for 8 hours… I was disconnected from the game suddenly while fighting spiders. I logged back in immediately only to find myself at the character creation screen again. I restarted my computer and then relogged but still my character is not showing up.

It was a female named Lez Bow on the official servers…

Official Server #1807 PvP - g-portal (dot) us

I streamed everything and you can see it all here if you would like:

world wide web dot twitch dot tv / videos / 259350571

Please restore my character?!?

I put in 8 hours of work and this is the first day of launch and I am promoting the game and streaming it so please fix this right away as that would be a major set back.

Thank you!

Hi man, I was watching the stream and when you got disconnected from the server, you joined official #1805 instead of #1807. I have a backup copy of the database from 1807 and was looking for character named Lez Bow, but was unable to find one.

Can you please confirm following for me:

  1. Are you still missing character if you try to reconnect to 1807?
  2. What is your character name?
  3. What is your steam ID? Its is publicly visible if you open your steam profile in browser, right after /profile/76561197979250407 <- my ID.
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Actually I just went back to 18:30 in your stream and it seems like you got disconnected from #1807 server during character creation. Then you joined official server #1813 and made a character on that server and at the end of the stream, when you got disconnected from #1813, you joined #1805.

I have only made one character named Lez Bow on server # 1807

I was not sure which server it was when I lost connection and tried a few, but never made a new character, just disconnected the game because I did not want to lose Lez Bow.



Can you please try connecting to server #1813? I believe your character will be there.

Yes, it is there and so is my stuff, thank you very much! Sweet, so glad I don’t have to lose 8 hours on the first day of launch.

Cheers! Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

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Hey I was just “glitch robbed” on that server about an hour ago… are you having problems with hacks now? I never ran into any problems when I played before but I only played on the unofficial servers.

I just looked it up and apparently you used to have a problem with this?

He left me a present of 3 spices… fun.


Guess I should find a different server?

Glad they found your characters! I would suggest hiding your base somewhere else and moving. They should fix whatever glitch they used to rob you, generally they are aware and fix it in next few patches. Try and keep eyes peeled for the perp. Continue taking videos.

Honestly I have played many PVP games but glitching into my stuff and taking it all while I am gone makes it impossible to prepare for and would be a bigger problem than any hack I have ever previously had problems with… I found a post 8 months ago about this “bug” and never experienced it when I played a lot in the pre-release so surprised that this happened.

Not like it matters, the server is full anyways… all of the American ones with a playable ping are. Guess its back to the unoffical servers? No way I am going to play with those clowns if I do not have to. I was only trolled when I shared what had happened in their chat. Pretty lame if griefers ruin this launch. I’m used to my base being raided whenever I log off, but there was no way to predict what had happened there. Everyone was a nooby level. I went on forums and didn’t realize I was still logged into the game then found that my sealed place without windows was totally robbed.

Its a bit worse than being stream sniped.

If you think “heil” and 18:30 along with 3 spices is funny, good for you but I am not laughing. I am not even German. haha though? Not fun to wonder what a dev could have against me. Just wanted to play and promote the game.

Hi man, sorry to hear you lost stuff, but that kinda happens on pvp server. We used to have issues with certain game mechanics but they got fixed. Because of the past issues, whenever people see something they cant explain, they tend to attribute it to glitch or hacker. If you happen to know how said glitch work, please send me PM with more information.

Not sure what you mean by that.

It’s not about “losing my stuff” . … don’t need to tell me that it kind of happens on a PVP server as it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you knew who I am because as a game developer it would be a good idea to check in on people once in awhile or whatever. I have made numerous posts promoting this game on mmorpg dot com forums and whenever people had claimed that admins were doing things that were unfair to balance the server in their favor I had always started off with the same attitude of “you are probably over-reacting… tell me the details and lets work on a solution, nobody is out to get you. etc.”

THIS, on the other hand is different.

I will explain why (because lack of communication is always an issue):

Just going to be honest to clear up any confusion.

If you go to 3:26:04 on my streamed video you will see that someone built a huge “Heil” thingy with building blocks… I went to examine it much closer in another part of the video but not sure where. This made me wonder if someone was watching my stream who was on my server because it was placed where I had to go from my base for everything.

I went to 18:30 and didn’t see me change to another server yesterday and didn’t remember it happening so I wondered if someone was personally targeting me for some reason and trolling. 18 for Adolf Hitler and 3 for third reich or something? Right after my ingots were taken 3 spices were left as a sort of “present” by the cheater thief. I scrolled up in the chat and saw people in chat going off about “stupid white people” and all sorts of other racial slurs going on. Of course, like anybody would, I am feeling targeted perhaps because I of my race and the character I created.

I went back to my video to find out how the hell I am ended up on 1813 server because knowing IT I knew you had to be right, or I was redirected to it somehow? Well I found that you were right but the timing was slightly off… happened closer to the 20 minute mark. So I am relieved now that it may mean someone in the DEV team doesn’t have something personal again me (or white people or whatever?)? but not really so much because you responded the same way as those people did on that server.

So I went into thinking more about it. Why would any conan DEV have anything against me? What did I ever do that was bad to them??

Well I noticed when I was kicked by the server (by the host I might add) as I was naming my character. The same name that the dev team gave me a hard time for in Age of Conan. Lez Bow. The reason that I quit that game was because I am forced to change my name and was afraid that the dev team didn’t want me playing it because I was staying in the most densely populated areas without going forward to the end game. I did this happily for 2-3 years in Vanguard prior to Age of Conan. Because of the ffa pvp server option I was very happy to play Age of Conan and do the same thing! I’ve always been against cheaters though and like challenges and fair fight. I guess people kept reporting me the GM said so I had to change my name. They were reporting me because I was killing everybody… honestly don’t think it had anything do with the name being offensive to lesbians or whatever the reason they gave was.

I was raised around lesbians and used to go to all lesbian parties often being the only guy there. I have 2 little sisters who have been through some hard times and my favorite character in Dragonlance is Kitiara. I also am a writer and one of my favorite characters is a woman assassin. I’ve always had a lot of respect and admiration toward powerful women. I am not trying to mock lesbians in any way and never have. Just wanted to get into my character and think she is badass! If you really think that lesbians would be offended by that you are wrong!! I could prove it if I must… but its just a name, whatever.

So I was not aware that this game was made by the same team as Age of Conan… so now that makes more sense.

Are you upset that I went with the name Lez Bow? Do you have something against white people? Do you think I am a racist bully and want to put me in my place?!? Do you think I am a pathetic weak American and want to push some ■■■■ agenda upon me? I am at a loss here… just need communication if you have a problem please.

My building was walled, had ceilings, had a closed door, and everything was looted.

If YOU PERSONALLY have not done this… glad to hear that!

Do I have to worry about this sort of thing?

There are videos of people on youtube who show an example of how this can be done. I’ve seen others while looking into it just now complain about the denial that this sort of thing exists. I can see why you wouldn’t want people to know about it, but OF COURSE, the attitude you have shown is a huge warning sign.

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