Forced character recreate

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [North America]

(This happened the day after the recent update)
I was playing my lvl 60 character and went to grab a soda and was gone maybe 2 min. I had my headset on and noticed the music had changed, when I got back to my console it had went from me being in my clan’s base to it being on the character creation screen on the select male or female part. I hadn’t even paused the game when I left or had the controller with me.
So I logged out and logged back in thinking it just had to be a small screen bug but when I loaded into the server my character was gone and I had to recreate her. Now that I’m back in my clan my old characters dot is still showing up where I was when this bug/glitch happened even though I guess she’s not in the game anymore. I don’t think there’s a way to fix this honestly but I just wanted to let people and the developers know this could be an issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hello @Astrid-Tali_athi, welcome to the community!

Were you playing in an official or private server?

I was playing on a private server which I Co-Admin. Everything else was still there when I remade my character and rejoined my clan. No one else’s character’s were effected and everything in the server was still there and the settings weren’t changed either. That’s why I was so confused.

Hi Hugo- I have just lost my character on Official and I am unsure how to get it back. I have put 16 hrs my character to level it up, just to have it disappear when I tried to log back in. Could you help me resolve my issue perhaps?

Official Server#1129

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All i can say, because 11 months i play this game never happen to me, is that i am sorry for your ‘loss’. Welcome to the community, thank you for bringing this up and i hope you will find your answers. :+1:

Hello @terps, welcome to the community!

Do you recall when the character was created?

Do you have any characters in other servers and, if so, could you confirm if they are still present?

Just to clarify, characters do not get manually nor automatically deleted on official servers.

I have the same issue, my char on official server #1029, I played yesterday 5. January, but today I am just taken to char creator when I log inn. I am on PC btw. My char was made in 2018, never had this problem before. I also see that there are zero players on the server. And my clan m8 have the same issue.

Hey @Fjoffe, as Ignasis mention in another thread that you’ve created, we’ve just had notice from G-Portal that due to a malfunction in a server cluster some loss of progress might have happened in some of the affected servers, including #1029, #1030 and #1031.

We’re currently looking further into this matter.

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Happened to me on January 5th as well man. I logged off between 4-7am CT and logged back on around 3pm and my character was gone. Has happened to me twice actually hope it doesn’t happen again eeek lol

Could you please get back to us regarding the questions directed at you above, as you might’ve missed them?

Maybe your server had a reset…? It have happened to all Latam servers and all we got back was a lousy 5x xp and farm, total joke and I’m sorry for your loss. :frowning: