Character gone conan exile

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Logged in and it took me to character creation I have a character and he’s over lv 40 jow
Been playing on hardwired 247x5 and my character completely dissappear ed please help me recover this I did not buy this game and a psn card just to lose a week of progress I don’t even wanna play and will be pursuing a refund in the even my character is not recovered

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are you sure you haven’t selected “Recreate Character” by mistake when wanting to select “Remove Bracelet”?
Are you sure you are trying to rejoin the same server as before?

I’ve been reading this forum for months and not seen anyone else reporting such a thing.

Another option I suppose is that you’ve been blacklisted for some reason, but I would hope the error would tell you that was the reason.

Yeah pretty sure I was on and just fine and I’ve been playing so I know the difference but it’s not just me my friend has his account gone too we just logged in like normal to the same favorite server and nothing straight into character selection the server sometimes shows up on the list multiple times as well

The server is on the list four times and all are favorite with the same name…

Was it an official server?

Nope I had thought so but no

This sounds like a private server to me, one which the host has “launched” multiple instances of the same server which has the same name in the config. I think you’re being connected to a different database.
Do you know the admins to ask them what’s going on?

Gonna try creating a character to get in and ask

I would assume that the server owners have wiped the server which means everyone who played there would have to start over. I’m sorry. You may want to find an official server or a private one that is more upfront about server wipes. Good luck!

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Do all official servers do wipes or are they permanent ?

If you don’t have any joy, or find that the admin have wiped the server, you’d be welcome to join us on our server.

We play PvE-C and have a nice community of friendly players we met during early access.
The server is running on a dedicated machine in the UK and has been live for over a year.
As a community, we vote on major server changes and wont be wiping the server unless we are forced to by Funcom.

You’ll find us in the list as The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

Officials are not meant to wipe, that’s the reason for the Purge and the decay system to keep the server tidy. With obvious exceptions should a game changing update require a server wipe, but this will be a very rare thing.