Official PVE server 1026, character deleted - why?

Hi there,

I bought the game, installed it, and on 18 Jun 2023 created a char on official server #1026.
Reached level ~20 and built a starting base.
The next day, 19 Jun, I discovered that my character is absent on server 1026. Moreover, as per the filter, I do not have any character on any server.
Why did my char disappeared? I do not want to invest any time or money in a game where my progress can be simply vanished

Did u actually check if ur character is there by logging in. Are you positive about the server number? The server list is not reliable.

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  1. I clicked “continue” and the game sent me to the character creation
  2. then I go a long way: multiplayer → PVE → list of servers → filter by character level. At this step, I realized I have no characters on any server.
  3. I logged into the server (I know the server name as I invited my friend to join and send him the server name. I have a screenshot.). The game sent me to the character creation

Another suggestion, is it possible that u are logged in with another account by mistake (steam, etc)? The reason I am asking is because officials never wipe and rollbacks are not something Funcom do. They would only resort to a rollback on a PvE server in case somehow the server’s database is corrupted which is very rare.

Either way you will get back to level 20 in a matter of minutes so not much was lost. You can just start over.

  1. I have only the Steam version and only 1 account. I bought the game via Steam ~ a week ago. I Never played Conan before. I start it via Steam only.
  2. I do NOT care about leveling to level 20 again.
    I now think that my next character (imagine I played for 3 months) can “disappear” in the same manner. Why should I start in this case?
    I really want to know what exactly happened. Support ticket is also created
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Filter doesn’t always show character level.
Even history sometimes doesn’t show the server you played before.
Best is to bookmark the server and next time find it under favorites.

This is an oddball issue. As in an event that is extremely unlikely, but not impossible.

Like Narelle said, if you login to the wrong server, you’ll see character creation. Also if you login to the right character but the wrong account, similar result.

If its not the wrong server and not the wrong account. There is one thing that could trigger this. If the server crashed and loaded from a backup prior to you creating the character then your character would be lost in that case.

This isn’t common and I’ve never actually heard of it happen. But it is potentially the case. How long did you play that character for? I assume a decent amount of time since you’re level 20 on your first character.

But if it was the span of say… an hour or so. Rather than several hours, this might have chance of being the culprit. Understand that this was extremely bad luck that causes this situation and like I’ve said, in the years I’ve played this would be the first instance of it happening that I’ve heard of. And its speculation at that.

I do think it is highly unlikely though, and its more likely you aren’t connecting to the server you started your character on. As others have said, the ingame browser isn’t very reliable with its filters. You pretty much need to write down the server number when you first connect to it to be sure. The names never change (afaik).

almost a year ago I played for a few days in the official siptah map.

I went back the day before yesterday and noticed that my character had been deleted.

R3st in peace :rofl:

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