Newly created character disappeared from my list, has this happened to anyone else?

So I created a new character but when I booted up the game the next day the character was gone.
No biggie, I remember my choices so I recreated him but the name was taken.
It’s a pretty unique name so I doubt anyone created a character with the same name in the few hours between play sessions had my character been deleted and the name available.
My best guess is that though my character disappeared from my list it’s floating around in the vast void untethered and recognized by the servers as having been created but not knowing by whom.
I’ve sent a support ticket to Funcom a couple weeks ago, and I know they stated that the wait times are extremely long for a reply, but I’m wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and might know of a fix I could do myself.
If there’s nothing I can do myself then I do hope that a member of Funcom’s support team may stumble upon this post and offer advice.

Iä Iä Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Did you, at any point, switch between the Funcom and Steam game clients or change your account type by linking your account to or unlinking it from Steam?

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Yes, I created a Funcom/SWL account and bound it to my Steam account. That was done before I created the character that disappeared though, could that have caused a problem?

Normally these problems only occur either if you’re using the wrong client for your account type or from linking or unlinking an account after character creation. Both clients use the same servers, but different account systems.

  • Logging into SWL from Steam without an SWL account attached will always create a new, empty account.
  • Creating a character on a Steam account and then linking a Funcom SWL account will prevent you from accessing any characters previously created on that Steam account.

Assuming that you linked your SWL account to Steam prior to character creation and you used the Steam SWL client and Steam credentials to access SWL, your character should be there.

I would suggest double checking the account page to make sure that your account has actually been linked to Steam. There is a confirmation page that you have to go through after you first click on the “Convert to Steam account” button.

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The thing is though that I had a previous character created, low level, then when I noticed I could bind my Steam account to Funcom’s I opted for that because I usually do.

They didn’t allow me to bind the two accounts because of the previous character so I deleted him, bound my accounts and confirmed it, then I went off to do something else.

Some time passed by and late one evening I decided to create a character and go through the tutorial, by the time I had created him and chosen a rad name a sudden feeling of sleepiness hit me.

So I pretty much pressed the create button and once the tutorial had loaded I closed the game and went to bed. That’s why I thought at first that my character hadn’t been saved properly to the character servers because I just took a few steps in the tutorial and then closed the game.

Could that have caused my current predicament? Closing the game as soon as I created the character…

Oh and I have also always booted up the game through Steam. I use Steam for everything so if I see a game that has it’s own separate launcher but is also on Steam then I get the Steam version.
F.e. SW:TOR & Neverwinter started out handing over their launchers on their own website and I used them but as soon as I saw them join Steam’s platform I uninstalled everything and downloaded again through Steam. I like to keep things neat and tidy in the same place.

Characters are saved as soon as they’re created, you don’t even have to start the tutorial.

I still think that you somehow got your accounts and clients mixed up. Contrary to most MMOs, the Steam version of SWL uses a separate account system. The Steam client will log you in automatically (using your Steam credentials) after patching the game while the Funcom client asks for a Funcom user name and password.

It should be a matter of finding out which account your character is actually on and then using the appropriate client.

Sorry if this didn’t help you. You might just have to wait for Funcom support to get back to you so they can look at the accounts in question.

I got a bit confused on what happened when, but here’s my understanding of how it works.

You have Steam accounts and Funcom accounts, you can have a one time migration, and if you create steam account, then funcom account and then link your funcom account to steam one, steam one gets overwritten. Are you sure that’s not what happened?

Thank you for your replies. The information you provided has been very helpful.

I’ll try to see if I can log into the game without going through Steam to see if I can find my character.

I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to reply with helpful info so I wholeheartedly appreciate you taking the time to try and assist. You’re a real MVP!

Cheers and may Cthulhu keep you in his dreams.

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It’s possible. I’m gonna try and log in without Steam.