Deleted charactor?

so I just downloaded the game on to my new computer and my character is no longer they did they delete unused characters or something?

They don’t delete inactive characters, did you switch from the Funcom client to Steam or vice versa?

Alternatively was it SWL or TSW last time you played?

steam, I checked my old computer and it is there.

If it’s showing up on your old computer and not your new computer something else is going on. Make sure you’re on the same steam account for one.

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yeah it is the same account. I sent message to their customer service and am waiting on that. if they don’t get back to me I might try transferring the whole SWL file and see if that works.

I’d just go ahead and copy it, the patcher will do any fixes it might need to.

do you know what the RDB file is? it is 40 something gigs. if I can do without it I can fit the files onto my flashdrive

You know when the game says it’s downloading stuff? That’s where it’s putting those things. Copying them will only get you in game faster as there is likely to be less to re-download.

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