Restarted Computer, Characters Wiped

I have never been this pissed off in a long time. I was dealing with an issue with my taskbar when I decided that the best way to solve it would be to restart my computer (which worked). However, upon logging back in to the game, both of my characters were wiped from my account. I had one level 37 Illuminati Gunslinger in Egypt and one relatively new Templar Magus (shifting focus to Chaos Magic, as I want to tank with him). Now I have neither, and I am not willing to spend another week trying to start a brand new Illuminati character just to get back to where I was.

Upon looking at my account, I was also suspicious of it saying “Non Patron” as opposed to “Steam” since I had bought TSW long ago. Logging back into my account through Steam did nothing to recover my character list. I am very close to dropping the game for a while over losing my character list simply by restarting my computer.

Something else seems to be going on there on your end. Have you tried running the SWL launcher’s repair option yet? If that hasn’t cleared it up for you please contact support at

Already submitted a support ticket. I have the sneaking suspicion it may have something to do with my account.

If my characters are gone for good, I’m not sure if I’m willing to start all the way over after spending nearly a week in Solomon Island. I was making fairly good progress in Egypt, too.

Unless you deleted them before restarting they should be there.

It sounds to me like you (accidentally?) turned your Steam account into a Funcom account. In which case logging back in with Steam would create a new, empty account and your characters would remain on the (now unlinked) Funcom account. If that’s what happened, logging into the Funcom version of the cilent with your Funcom account should reveal your “wiped” characters.

I’d suggest contacting when they open. They’re pretty quick to help with account issues in my experience.

That’s precisely what I suspect, Aeryl. Funny thing is, the Steam client continued to show my character list as normal up until I restarted my computer.

Hey @AdderTude, we confirm your ticket has been received and will be addressed as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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I’m just itching to get back into Egypt, is all. I had roughly 15-20% left until I hit 38 to meet the Oxford contact.