Character erased!


I wanted to play again recently to enjoy the “Dark Agartha” released. However, when I log into the game, I have NO character!!!
My character has been deleted! I can only create a new one :astonished:
I did most of the storyline, I was in Kaidan with an IP equivalent to at least Elite 2. I clearly don’t want to do everything from scratch again…

I sent an e-mail to the support, but the answer received is totally off topic: they want me to transfer my character from TSW to SWL, while I never played TSW…

To be clear: I was playing SWL, the new free game. I stopped playing for some months (3 months?), and wanted to play again last week. When I log in, my character is not available. I am 100% sure I have not deleted it!

Can you please restore my character?
I can provide any information needed, just ask :slight_smile:

Mod edit: Please do not share your personal details or account information publicly on the forums

Hello there!

I’m really sorry if the answer you received in your email ticket wasn’t relevant to the matter. We should be able to assist you, though. Could you please respond to the email you received clarifying the matter? Unfortunately, we can’t discuss account details in a thread like this. I apologize.


Keep in mind the game client from the Funcom website and the game client from Steam are different in that your account can only exist on one of them, but not both. So if you’re trying to use the Funcom-direct client and your characters are on the Steam client, you won’t see them and vice versa. Make sure you’re using the right client. This is the most common cause of this issue.