Character Vanished!


Hello, I recently logged into my account after several years inactive. I noticed that my favorite character (Nayame) disappeared completely! although in the account there was still 2 old characters including a low level one. I liked my character Nayame and would love to remember and play with her again. :frowning:
I still have some old screenshots in which it shows her level 27, but I do not remember for sure what level I stopped playing!
I have tried contact through email but no answer.
Please, can you guys get my character back?

(sorry if I make some mistakes, english is not my first language.)

Thank you, I await answers.


It is possible your name got changed during a server merge. Do either of the 2 old characters you have match the one you are missing?

You can try to create a ticket in-game (/petition) to inquire about your missing character if the ones you see are not the correct character. If the character is indeed truly deleted somehow, there probably isn’t any Funcom could do after all this time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Be aware Customer Support wait times are rather high lately. The email support system may take 2+weeks to respond to you.


Speaking of server merges, if the character was on a now closed server it could be in limbo waiting for you to transfer it to an active one.


No they don’t, and I didn’t delete it… but I will try thank you


How do I check that? because I did go to the transfer option on the site, but only says I don’t have credits and don’t let me see if there is any character there at all


Yeah, if you didn’t delete it, and it isn’t sitting there under a different name, that makes me think either the account was hacked at some point and someone else deleted it, or something really odd is going on.

The only time I’m aware Funcom actually deleted characters was way back near launch, when low level abandoned characters were wiped.

As for Server Merges and characters going into Limbo, for most server merges, nothing like that should have happened as far as I can remember. All merged characters would show up like normal. The only exception to this I think could have been the Rage server. I feel like there was some special case for abandoned characters from that server going into some sort of special limbo state, but I don’t remember how that was communicated to the user.

Best bet for you to figure anything out it is to wait for that email support ticket to get a response.