Help! I accidentally deleted my lvl 80

Yep… I was going down my character selection screen deleting old alts ((characters I never play)) and then at the last second, I accidentally deleted my lvl 80… Although, I’m fairly sure I was deleting an alt, but at the last split second it some how switched the two characters up and there goes my lvl 80… :frowning: It was like the game itself was possessed or something. Is there any GMs reading this…? Or someone that works for funcom? I wrote out a ticket, but I heard it takes over a month before GMs actually read tickets which is bad ((If true)), because I was also told that after 30 days you can’t retrieve a lost character…? They’re deleted from the server for good. :frowning:

I worked pretty hard to get my character decent gear and cosmetics… I put a lot of time into my character. My account name is “REDACTED” and my character’s name is “Zultannis”.

@AndyB might be able to help speeding up the execution of your ticket.

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Hey Andy… I was told to contact you about my problem. I accidentally deleted my lvl 80 character. :frowning: Is there any way you can help me get him back…? My account name is [REDACTED] and my character’s name is “Zultannis” and he’s a lvl 80 Demonologist. I would really appreciate it… I worked pretty darn hard to get him to where he’s at ((good gear and cosmetics)). Ty… Here’s to me hoping!

I’m just hoping that they can restore my character before that 30 days is up… To where he’s gone forever. :frowning:

If you haven’t already, you’ll still want to create a ticket at Funcom Help - Funcom regardless; can try to take a look. Also, please don’t ever post your account username on the forums - for your own security and privacy.


Ty, and yes I wrote out a ticket Funcom Help, and I also wrote out a petition in game.

Hey, I got an e-mail from one of your GMs saying that they can reactivate my character, but only once…? He asked for my permission before doing so, and I was away at the time so I didn’t have time to respond immediately, but I sent him an e-mail back saying “Yes, that is alright”… And he still hasn’t responded to my e-mail, nor is my character restored. This has been about 2 days now… Should I wait a little longer, before writing out another ticket…? Or did he forget about me? I’m only writing this ((JUST IN CASE)) that he did forget, lol.

That was me. I’m actually currently on break and out of town, but as long as the confirmation is there we should be able to restore the character. Will keep in touch.


Ahhh, okay… Sorry for bothering, and I hope you’re enjoying your break. :slight_smile: Last question though, so I don’t have to worry about my character being deleted if he’s not restored after a certain period of time…? Because that’s what I’m worried about, honestly. I can definitely handle the waiting process though…

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