I deleted my character by mistake please Game Masters HEEEELPPPP

I need help from a GM (it’s taking forever for them to respond) to retrieve a character I deleted by mistake, is there any way the character can be retrieved or is it lost forever?

You should send a ticket to the live support via email: https://www.funcom.com/help/
I don’t think GMs can solve this problem with an ingame petition, they probably forward it to the live support.

I think they only help subbing customers nowadays, and even then it can takräe several weeks for a respons

I wrote both a petition and sent them a ticket to their live support, but I am afraid it might take too long and my character will be lost forever :confused:

I am subbed. So, hopefully, they answer me soon. I am losing hope if they take several weeks to answer :cry:

i too did same mistake. waiting 2+ weeks and no responce in game and by email…

OMG, i hope they respond to us soon. The situation is hopeless though, looking at how people are saying it takes months for them to answer and they even removed the live chat option too.

Ther no way sorry. If you was only in yours clan everything be deleted. I hope you was not alone

Otherwise you have start from 0 I don’t thinke. Funcom will do anything about this. Because ther will be a lot of ppl will cheat fake this.

Sorry to hear. Hope they fix :slight_smile:

Oh well, got to wait for their replay then. Thanks and hopefully they fix the issue, if they dont i already have 2 other 80 characters, but the barb was the most geared out of them.

80? Lvl or. Char

If it private server or mode you will forget they even want try fix then you need talk to yours server admine :slight_smile:

The character that i deleted by mistake is a level 80 from crom server.

Gtch, this is Age of Conan, not Conan Exiles.

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Sorry my bad didt see

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