Toon deleted accidentally Help please

I just deleted my toon few minutes ago by mistake after subbing I was unlocking the characters and I pushed the wrong button and put the password I was sure to have unlocked it and instead…deleted the…big one:(( Is there a chance to have it recover or is it lost forever?
I sent the ticket [Funcom #1133641]

I have a guildmate that accidentally deleted a toon, after contacting Funcom it was restored in a matter of days - but that was a couple of years ago I think. Good luck!

It is possible to recover a deleted character (within 30 days).

You should proceed with the help ticket, and also log a different character from the account and /petition to contact a GM in game.

I hope you get help soon, good luck.

Thank you guys, I was afraid there were no chances, let’s hope for the better…
If it was the low equipped char I wouldn’t even mind but the bigger one lol…such bad luck…

I see now my account is frozen for a previous failed payment, i can play but in f2p mode, so they wont check my ticket?

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I wish I could say yes but no one knows.

I got my toon back:))) that was quick tnx 10000000000000000000000:)))


Same thing has happened to me on May 27 2020. I am worried about the 30 day window expiring. No one has contacted with anything other than a ticket number. “[Funcom Support #1141427]”