Undeleting a character, worried about response time

So I’ve just submitted a ticket to try and have a deleted character restored. The character was deleted just over a week ago, and I heard something about characters gone for over a month being beyond recovery?

I’m concerned that with the current glacial pace of getting a response, it’ll be too late by no fault of my own.

How long did it take you guys to get a response lately, and if someone from FC happens to see this thread please do me a solid and take a peep at [Funcom Support #1125194] sometime before it reaches a month? I’d really like to NOT lose this character because of ridiculous response times.


Good luck, I would be worried myself unfortunately. A couple of years or so back a guildmate did this, but had the character restored in about a day, maybe two. Now, I don’t know - I hope you get it restored.

It should come as no surprise that I’m still waiting. Fancy that.

Wait times appear to be in the multiple months range. Sorry for your loss. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi, I deleted a guy about 2 weeks ago. Response time was faster than i expected was only a couple days. I never talked to anyone or got a message, they just snuck the deleted character back into my roster one morning. So they are out there… and if they are listening, “Thank you!”… edit note :wink: opps, guess i could learn to read, posted 16 days ago :slight_smile: hope you got it back!

Good to know!