Link account to steam log in

So i got this game when it first came out. and played again after the relunch. had to reinstallet the game since i got new harddrive. i was logget ind with my account and not with steam. i now it keeps wanting me to log in by using steam :confused: pleaser help :frowning:

When the relaunch was launched on steam an auto linking took place for games that were originally bought through steam back in TSW. Each account also got a free transfer either from Steam to Standalone, or from Standalone to Steam client. Only ONE. Try go to your account page and see which of the transfer options are open to you. If it is the transfer to Stand Alone, then use it, unless you wanna run it from Steam.

Hi ZoZoGamer, you might find the following Support thread helpful:

If the message you see when trying to log in is “this account must log in with Steam,” you’ll need to use the Steam version of the game client in order to log in to that specific account. You can add Secret World Legends to your Steam Library at any time for free: Secret World Legends on Steam

If you prefer to unlink your account from Steam, you can do this through account management:

Please be aware that linking/unlinking your account is a one-time service and not normally reversible. If you choose to unlink your account from Steam, you won’t be able to relink it on your own later.

If you need more direct assistance with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email and our support team will be happy to look into it for you. :slightly_smiling_face: