Logons - Funcom

I’m trying to work out how logons work across Funcom. Does one logon work for all games? I would think not, but I tried to create a Funcom account with the same logon information as my Secret World Legends account, and it said the username is already in use. The same when I tried to create an account for Anarchy Online - it said the username is already in use, but I couldn’t logon to Anarchy Online with my Secret World Legends account.

Also, how can I completely delete a Secret World Legends account? I mean COMPLETELY?

I’d guess you’d have to contact Customer Services via https://www.funcom.com/help and ask them to delete it.
Are you playing via steam or standalone client?

Standalone. I avoid Steam like the plague.

For SWL, I believe you have your singular account, for logging in to the account management page and into the game. You can also have a Funcom account which is used to log in to the funcom account management pages for AoC, AO, and TSW. In those account management pages, you can set up your game accounts to log in to each of the old games.