What's the difference between the logins I use for the Account Page and Game?

Funcom’s account system was originally built when we only had one game and it was a lot less common to have multiple accounts for a single game. We had a lot to learn then.

We’ve adapted since then, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t run into hiccups along the way. Currently your Anarchy Online and Age of Conan accounts work like this:


This is the umbrella. You can log into register.funcom.com with this username and the password you chose. In order to update the password for this, you will need to use the “Lost your password?” tool on the login page. You’ll be able to update it through the email you have registered to your account.

Once you’re able to log into the account page, you can change your password for any of the Subscriptions that are registered to your Account individually or all to the same password. This option is on the left hand menu.


This is the individual game registrations. It’s very possible through retail keys, special offers, and other circumstances to have multiple Anarchy Online and multiple Age of Conan subscriptions under one Account.

You can only change your game password through the Account page, but you will always login with your Subscription name and the appropriate password for the game.

Account and/or Subscription Help

We understand that this isn’t as transparent as it could be, so feel free to write us a message. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can!