Authentication Failed

I just downloaded the game for the first time, but I can´t log in. When I try I get met by “Authetication Failed. Please note password is case sensitive (14)” or something like that. I have retyped my password several times and I have changed my password on account.ageofconan/ four times. I have no problem logging on the ageofconan-page.

What should I do?

Hello! Please note that the login info you use to access the account webpage and the login info you use to access the game can be different! Try going here:

Yes, that link is for The Secret World, but is also the access point for the old account management pages for the old Funcom account system used between AO/AoC/TSW. If you do not log in to an Age of Conan themed page, be sure that the account selected on the lefthand side of the screen under “Choose Account” is your account labeled for ‘Conan’.

From the above link, you can select to change both your billing and game password, or game or billing password separately. Try to change your game password specifically and see if you can log in with the new password.

I hope this helps!