Login issue since yesterday

I can’t log in the game since yesterday, after i type the password and click on “login” it gets stucked on “authenticating with the caracter server…”. And even if i can log in after a few tries it kicks me out when i change the area with the message “lost connection to server. The server may be down for maintenance, please try again later or contact Funcom Customer Support” - " failed to authenticate with the character server". I already tried de/reinstalling the game.

is your game correctly updated ?

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De and reinstalled it already.

Weird, i can log in with my cellphone but not from my home connection. Home connection has no problems, called them yesterday and they checked it.

cannot log in to the game can someone please help me with this???

You have the same issue like me or is it something else?

  • cannot log into game on steam and play can log into account but not actual game?*

I think you have to change your password and wait 10-15 min and then you can log in. If it doesnt work at first time try again and again, after a few tries it maybe works.

Solved. Looks like it was some issue with my internet connection.

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