Lost connection error, cannot log in. why?

I am getting 2 errors when trying to log in.

i click play on my character and i get - “Lost connection to server. The server may be down for maintenance, please try again later or contact Funcom Customer support.”

Then i press OK and get this - " Logging in… Failed to authenticate with the character server."

The launcher says that the servers are online. yet i am still not able to connect for days now.

I am a returning player and have played several times in the past since beta. i havent ever had an issue connectiong and any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I have tried logging with different accounts.
I have tried turning off my anti virus
also opened all possible ports the game can run through.

i still cannot log my character in. If i try multiple attempts after i get the first error ill get this “Logging in… logging in character…” and a yellow bar that moves slow right to left.

Whats strange is i can see my character page, it just wont connect me to the servers. rip

Reboot your modem. Attempt another internet source if possible

Restarted modem a few times.
Dont have the ability to try another internet source other than library or mcdonalds on my laptop maybe. but thats for another day.

Thanks for the ideas

Since last update from april 16th i have lost connection to server multiple times in a few hours. Being exactly 9x disconnects in 2hours so far. Very strange. Somebody else got these problems since the update came out?

I’m having the same issue with “Lost connection to server” this started on Wed April 17th. I’ve turned off and uninstalled all my virus software and uninstalled Steam and AOC several times.
Also tinkered with Portforward but no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Unable to connect to server. Thank you in advance