Convert to Steam account?

I was looking through my account page and saw this button to “Convert to Steam account”, and I was wondering if there are any benefits to doing this?

Will I lose anything by doing it, I’m guessing it’s not possible to revert to Funcom account afterwards, but is there stuff available through Steam for SWL that I’m currently missing out on?

Not really, no. Sometimes steam will have sales on aurum packs, and there are a few (expensive) bundles for exclusive steam outfits, but it’s not really something you’re missing out on.

And you’re correct, once you transfer to steam there’s no going back.

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Steam is great if you are going to be a paid player
Because its easy and safe
With steam you can say f Word to the online payment which sometimes result insecurity
Paysafecard+steam wallet is all you need,safe,easy,fast,if you dont mind take a walk out breath some fresh air and buy some paysafecards.
Out of this there is nothing special with steam as AWOL said but…even that,steam sounds more secure for me in the sense of accounty security.Never heared anyones steam account get scammed o hacked.

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I think there were 2-3 threads here when players could not log in due to steam servers having hiccups. So i guess steam account can be less reliable in some very rare cases/countries.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!
Might make the switch later then, for exclusives on bundles and ease of payment, but it’s good to know that I’m not missing out on any content by remaining behind on my converted TSW account.

Thanks again, be seeing you in game! :slight_smile:

Only have once with steam problema that cant log in due to server likely under attack(perhaps by some E fanboys) in my whole life for about 1 hour likely,at least its very stable here in Europa.

If you mean the two dlcs, they don’t contain aurum anymore due to some kind of exploit (I believe).

Draw back with steam, is that you need both steam and swl online… Had a few cases of steam having issues, depending on where you are (EU in my case)

happened only once to me months ago,ppl was saying thats because E game platform newly luanched and those E fanboys are attacking steam server.No oficial report but it likely confirmed by silence.

Lol, because that’s how conspiracy theories work. :v:

There have been several occasions where logging into the game was difficult because of issues with steam’s authentication servers and I think most or all of them occurred before Epic launched their store. Sometimes servers have problems, this is a thing that can and does happen in the real world without intervention by shadowy forces.

It has happened several times, but it rarely affects all equally. In either case it is a down side that steam can prevent you from playing, while the game servers are otherwise working.

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Another drawback that hasn’t been mentioned yet is that each Steam account can only be connected to one SWL account. If you want to play on Steam and have multiple SWL accounts, you also need multiple Steam accounts and switch between those.