Any Downside to Switching to the Steam Version?


I’m considering converting SWL to a Steam account, partly for convenience and partly in the hope of fixing recent login problems on one of my computers.

Are there any downsides to doing this? For example:

  1. I have a lifetime Patron membership (bought when it was cheap back in the TSW days). Will switching to Steam impact this?
  2. Are there any features or functionality which are not available when using Steam?
  3. Any additional bugs or problems with the Steam version?

Thanks …

I know a downside of NOT going through Steam. I missed out on some items that came out in bundles through Steam. I’ll never get any of those.

Thanks - that’s good to know.

Only downside I can think of it that when steam is down or has issues so has the log in process for the Steam version of SWL as it goes through steam.

What Anaelurec and Leogrim said are really the main reason for and against it as far as i know.

Its super frustrating when SWL is online but steam has issues, on the other hand the steam bundles are just on steam, though depending on what you value, the bundles might mean very little for you =P

Being able to use Steam Wallet with SWL is useful but I will say that as someone that kept both TSW and SWL as separate from Steam as possible, I’ve never regretted that decision. The bundles, while nice, aren’t really worth linking (though that is strictly my opinion). At this point in time, the risk outweighs the benefit but your mileage may vary.