Extra Char Slots NOT available

A friend has joined us here in SWL - a returning player from TSW
They only have 1 char slot still
Is this on lockout until a certain time? or level?
Or were the extra char slots for linked accounts ONLY granted during the TSW vanity transfer window that Funcom specified?

Confused because the account page still has vanity transfer option - which they have done.

“It is important to note this second round of transfers is only for cosmetic items, meaning clothing, sprint styles, pets, and emotes.”

Right i see. So they can’t get their other chars slots now either it seems.

Well that is a shame - since the expectation of some players is that they would return once new content became available - only to turn on TSW > it auto-update to SWL and be faced with what looks like to them - everything wiped and no way to gain back your other char slots without paying £7.99 per slot.

I just don’t get it - what good is a transfer of only vanity items? The 2nd transfer is still available but why not contain the same as the first - if you didn’t do a first transfer you are basically screwed out of all your char slots you had to begin with lol

Was this explained anywhere prior to this - that the availability of your char slots would only be available during the first transfer? Seems a bit screwy.

There was to be only a single transfer ever and they publicized that. The fact that there’s a second round is an unforeseen occurrence. If ever interested in trying SWL they should have done the transfer during that window.

Initially it wasn’t a first and second transfer, it’s was a limited one time offer with cosmetics + some perks. They added the second transfer for cosmetic only later on.

I know all of that -to both your points - but was it mentioned anywhere that the first transfer (even tho it was believed to be the ONLY one) was to contain also with it - your char slots?

I can’t seem to find that info anywhere and find it quite screwy that it was never mentioned as being part of the first and at the time the only known window of transfer.

The character slots were not included initially, they added those several days after the launch.

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AHA! So they came as an added thing from Funcom because they were NOT included with the first (and thought of as the only) transfer?
So why were they added and what was the reason for them being added?

Yes, it came with the first transfer, and ended with the first transfer. It was simply added to the transfer after it had started.

"As an additional bonus for the TSW Legacy Transfer system we will be giving out 2 free character slots for everyone that links their SWL account to a valid TSW account. This bonus will only be available during the Legacy Transfer window (ends in August). Please be aware that you cannot have more than 8 character slots on an account!

If you have already linked your account, you will receive this bonus retroactively. If you haven’t linked your account, you will receive the 2 bonus slots during the linking process."


Thanks all for the findings

Sorry for your friend but it was well advertised. Kind of like the name wipe that people missed for months. You can only do so much.

But, IMHO, the bonus character slot was added as so many people complained about one slot only. Many of us had multiple characters in TSW that didn’t get transferred - the clothing did but not the real money purchases.

As for the second, still open cosmetic transfer, again IMHO, that was because of the way they decided to cut off the TSW coins that were suppose to transfer then they selected a random date and we couldn’t transfer that money to a new game. So we could spend it in TSW and transfer when we’re ready.

I’m glad they made those concessions, but in many ways, it’s like being slapped around, knocked down and then offered a hand to stand up - doesn’t quite remove the memory of the abuse to the Vets with the whole handling of TSW>SWL.

Well personally i think the extra char slots should also come with the weapon page unlocks and vanity items once an account is linked - It proves that you once had an account with TSW and it should be honoured as such.
vanity items that can be claimed now in the 2nd transfer are only useful to those who had previously linked the account in the first transfer - since they are aware of what happened and how to gain the extras by spending their coin in TSW to claim max vanity on SWL. The extra 2 char slots added after the 1st transfer had already been announced, as means of appeasing the vets due to complaints, but not included in the 2nd just seems wrong. To claim a transfer now serves no purpose if it’s just for vanity items - the only use here is it unlocks your weapon pages - The extra 2 Char slots should be in the transfer still IMO.

There will be people coming to try SWL, to try the new content, who were once GM or subs and are now faced with only one slot and asked to pay again. Seems very unfair to me.

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Those who had bought the game at $ 49.99 on steam do it how to get the character location? I started playing since can & I notice that I do not have access to the creations of a 2nd and third character …

Sorry for my bad english I am french.

Again, they were not added after, but during, and has never been available after the (first and what we thought to be only) transfer window was closed.

Unless you did the transfer from TSW to SWL before september 4th 2017, you cannot obtain the extra slots for free.

I know - i just don’t get why they would do such a thing after all the noise that was made over them NOT giving us them. They only gave you them during a small window.
And only after people complained that they were not part of the initial transfer - or we would never have got them i don’t think.

Now they are unavailable and you must pay 1000 aurum (£7.99) if you chose to.

I’m really asking for clarification as to why these accounts can not still be honoured, why would they then remove it as part of the transfer if it was what people complained about as not being received in their veteran status honouring?

It’s not like those char slots are a cash only option, because they are not - so they are not losing anything by giving them as two free slots to those who are returning and link their account.

A collectors edition is cash only. But someone who has already paid for all of those previous, years and years of time and money of their own gone into TSW - to return when new content eventually became available, to have missed a small window where they could have had another 2 slots for chars, Which was NOT mentioned on the initial transfer - I find mean and thoughtless.

It should still be part of the transfer package of your one name, weapons unlocked, 2 free slots > THEN items such as vanity.

The weapon unlocks and character slots were given to then current TSW players partly because they were a peace offering to current, active players affected by the relaunch.

All TSW accounts still get a couple exclusive cosmetics. Only the active accounts at the time got the peace offering.

I have no verds

Yes, they are cash only, actually. They cost Aurum. Anything that costs Aurum is cash only, because somebody has to actually buy the Aurum. And Funcom would indeed be losing those Aurum sales.

Point still stands they are NOT a “cash only” option
I swear some people would argue the sky is green just for the heck of it lol