Legacy transfer question

Hi, I’ve been a TSW player for a few years (and AO player too), and owner of a GrandMaster account. I stopped playing a few time after the game relaunch announce, but I’m now back on SWL.
Iirc, it was possible for TSW GM players to get all SWL weapons unlocked at start instead of needing to unlock them. I’d like to know if those legacy transfers were still doable ? (or am I totally screwed and will have to farm MoF forever to access all weapons?)
(Come on Funcom, be nice, through years I gave you quite some money already :smiley: )

Grand Masters can still (to the best of my knowledge) get their memberships transferred to SWL by contacting customer service. Just bear in mind that they’re severely backlogged and others have reportedly been waiting for a response for several months, so don’t hold your breath.

Everyone else is stuck with the cosmetics-only vanity transfer.

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If you haven’t done the vanity transfer yet you can still do that whenever you like, but as Aeryl said, CS will have to enable your GM membership manually.

Thanks, guess I’ll have to use some old nerfbat to wake up the customer support :smiley: